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Hokkaido Shibecha High School - Principal’s Message

Welcome to Shibecha High School Web Page!


April 2013

Thank you for visiting us!

Shibecha High School was originally founded in 1946 as a senior high school that enabled students to learn general studies or agricultural studies, and has succeeded in producing a great number of graduates who are now leading local industries. In 2000, we changed to an Integrated Course, a unique curriculum in which students can make choices and succeed in education based on the environment and agriculture. We have considerable career counseling services and a great number of our graduates have successful careers.

Our school slogan is “不撓不屈”, or futo-fukutsu, which means to have a spirit of perseverance. The situation that Japan faces is not easy for us, and perhaps Hokkaido is facing even more difficulties. However, right now we need the spirit of futo-fukutsu to be able to survive those difficulties.

We believe that students of Shibecha High School will teach and lead the next generation by their abilities and knowledge in various fields. Here they will gain skills to confront the difficulties and struggles of tomorrow with an understanding of the importance of food, life and the environment.

Here is a hands-on education that improves your creativity, sense and intelligence, and gives you the knowledge to support life in the future.

I hope you will visit our campus and have a look around!


Hitoshi Ikuta, Principal
Hokkaido Shibecha High School